Monday, February 8, 2010

MJC's First General Assembly!

Our futures are not for sale!

ORGANIZE to fight the budget cuts and defend public education!

From kindergarden to grad school, public education in California is being dismantled under the excuse of the budget deficit and the recession. Each year, our state’s government sends more people to prison and fewer to college. These backward priorities will only intensify the economic crisis and the difficulties we are all facing.

We can not and will not take this lying down! Resistance has been growing across the state, as students and workers in the public higher education system have organized collectively to strike, protest and occupy at their campuses. Only grassroots power will prevent the current crisis from becoming a complete social disaster. Please join us to discuss how students, staff and faculty at MJC can become part of this momentum, and specifically how we will participate in the March 4th Education Strike.

We are the Crisis!

General Assembly: Wednesday, February 17th
2:30pm in Student Lounge, East Campus


  1. So you can just show up? You don't need a student id or anything?

  2. It's open to everyone. You just need to come!