Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Youth Intimidated by MJC Security

Today while engaged in passing out fliers at Modesto Junior College for the campus' first-ever General Assembly for Students, Faculty, and Staff to talk about the Budget Cuts and the International Day of Action for Education on March 4th, a youth was approached by several security guards (failing to identify themselves as such), who then proceeded to question the youth about their intentions, what the fliers said, etc. The primary guard eventually threatened the student: Ok [name withheld], now I know what you look like, and if I ever see you here again I'm going to arrest you."

An observer was told by security that the administration would not allow the general assembly to happen, as it wasn't sanctioned. They then asked one of the security guards: "Well what about you guys? Aren't you facing budget cuts too?"
"Yea, I mean some of us might get fired," the guard offered.
"Well, then maybe you should consider coming out to this meeting. You should also think about how much harder it's going to be to change your own situation if you keep messing with people in the same boat who are doing something."
The guard looked at the ground.

The message from the administration is clear: they are scared. They want to intimidate us, they do not want us getting together to talk about our shared conditions, they do not want us to organize together. They will go so far as to threaten teenagers with arrest for passing out simple fliers. When Students, Faculty, and Staff join together, we wield a power which the administration can never match.

If you are the victim of intimidation by the administration or security, do not talk to cops! Tell your story to comrades! Our best response to this is to spread the information widely so we all know what to expect.

To the security guards of JC and elsewhere we offer that you have the option of playing the snitch, the rat, the guard dog, or the option of bettering your position through collective action with the rest of us. It is only through creation an untenable, out-of-control situation for the administration and their bosses that we can gain anything from them. We must take power into our own hands if we are to gain any concessions from them.


  1. The fliers were not approved by the campus, which doesn't take much effort to do. You just take it to the student development and campus life office and they'll approve them. They are only rejected if they have something violent, racist, etc.

    The general assembly is not being allowed to happen because you never filled out an activity sheet. You can't just take over a room and expect to hold a meeting.

    There are rules. Learn to follow them like many other events do. No one is trying to intimidate you or anyone else. You just aren't following the steps in order to produce a succesful and legal event.

  2. Following the rules doesn't yield positive results.

    Especially in this case